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4 Reasons Why NGOs Should Use Local Translation Services

It is not uncommon nowadays for organizations to find the need or opportunity to expand beyond their local ground. When it comes to communicating your organization’s beliefs and aims to multinational audiences, it may no longer be sufficient to use only one language.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that with the wider reach of the Internet, the need for localized translation also grows within these organizations.

     1. Reach a broader audience.

Because most NGOs raise awareness of critical issues through education, the value of having the message delivered in more than one language cannot be overstated. The more languages in which your content is offered, the more populations you can contact in support of your cause.

As social media goes mainstream, your website is one way for people to connect with your organization. According to the report, 90% of Internet users will always access a website in their native language if given the option. As a result, being able to provide an organization’s website in their native language increases their possibility of trusting and responding to information.

     2. Up your professional game

Having your message presented in a cohesive and professional manner displays your dedication to raising awareness and activating change, which allows people to trust your NGO.

A well-translated piece should read as if it were the author’s original work. A poor translation would be difficult to read, causing potential beneficiaries and contributors to abandon your organization.

     3. Retains the nuances of your original text

Contents are one of the most effective means for these organizations to reach to its audience without worrying about the distance. Translation by qualified and accredited persons who can consider cultural settings will result in a more professional-looking document. As a result, the material has a greater chance of resonating with your target audience and motivating people to act, whether through monetary or time contributions.

Furthermore, cultural sensitivity is especially important when translating material on sensitive themes, which is frequently the case with NGOs and their causes.

     4. Grow your organization without busting the budget.

Most NGOs are constantly concerned about how to balance a restricted budget. But we have excellent news for you: professional translation of your website and other materials does not have to consume half of your quarterly budget.

Instead of hiring a full-time translator, you can use freelancers and online services as needed, lowering operational costs and increasing flexibility. Many online translation platforms also allow you to negotiate the fees.

It doesn’t have to be a near-impossible task to have your NGO’s information translated into multiple languages. Along with the availability of various translation services, such as SK Translate – a translation company that has skilled and experienced translation teams, you can have your content professionally translated without having to worry about the distance.

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