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Best Automotive Technologies of 2021

Automobile electronic technology has become as crucial as the engine these days. As a result, these systems are key to everything from safety to security, as well as connectivity and communication.

1. Advanced Driver Assist Systems

Many famous automakers have provided technologies that can instantly react to risks, decrease driver fatigue, and driving easier. If you prefer, it can even park your vehicles. Several of these systems are available in bundled suits, such as Ford’s Co-Pilot360, Subaru’s EyeSight, and Toyota Safety Sense.

2.Digital Key connected to Mobile

It’s popular for automakers to offer smartphone apps that let you lock and unlock the doors, monitor fuel levels and tire pressure, or even remotely start the car — which is especially convenient on a cold winter’s morning. There are extra security measures integrated into the digital key, which binds only the phone to the car.

3. Teen Driver Technology

General Motors is the only company that offers this feature, so there are a number of Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac available with the Teen Driver technology. Designed to protect novice drivers, Teen Driver may alert you if the vehicle exceeds a specific speed limit, block the audio if seat belts aren’t being worn, filter out explicit content and set a volume limit on the sound system, among other features. Even a Report Card tells parents if safety systems like ABS or forward collision alert were activated while their child was driving.

4. Wireless Smartphone Charging and Connectivity

Combining wireless smartphone connection and charging is available in more vehicles today, but it’s more prevalent in higher trim levels and luxury models. For a more affordable way to charge your phone on the road in a car, seek a car with only wireless charging. In this setup, your phone rests on a charging pad as it charges.


5. Video Rearview Mirror

A video rearview mirror employs a rear-mounted camera to show what’s behind the car. However, you can choose to utilize it as a standard mirror or as a video mirror.

6. Tracking stolen vehicles technology

Subaru Starlink, Kia UVO, Hyundai Blue Link, and GM OnStar all use this technology. Diagnostics, concierge, and post-crash notification for contacting rescue services are just some of the services that they offer.

7. Blind Spot Monitor

Using a small camera on either side of your car, the video-based blind-spot vision monitor can show you what’s going on in the lane next to you while driving. These warnings can assist you to avoid colliding with another vehicle or a bicyclist or motorbike rider. There are also feature in gauge clusters with easy-to-read displays such as those found in Genesis, Kia, and Hyundai automobiles.

8. The 360-Degree camera

It’s possible for your car’s display to provide a virtual top-down perspective of your surroundings by using cameras on every side of the vehicle. This technology is a great help when parking in a small area.

9. Technology for Exit Warnings

Exit warning systems continue to function for several minutes after the engine has been turned off. If the sensors detect a bike or car coming, they flash a succession of bright lights to alert the passenger. To prevent the door from being opened into the path of the oncoming object, the most modern systems will physically lock it.

10. The Automatic Emergency Braking System

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) applies the brakes when it detects an imminent collision, potentially preventing or minimizing an accident. Due to its ability to react faster and brake harder, AEB is considered a top priority. Until September 1, 2022, up to 20 automakers have pledged to make AEB standard across their whole vehicle line.

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