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International Business Forum 2021 by RMIT University

Webinar, facilitated by RMIT University Vietnam – 19/8/2021

SK Translate, interpretation partner of RMIT, is honored to support this event.

SK Translate has participated in the event as virtual interpreter. This is not the first time SK Translate provided virtual service for such an important event consisted of many experts in their industry.

Interpreting for international business conferences is very indifferent to SK Translate, and we are good at it.


Despite the hardship of the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam, prominent experts in the Vietnamese coffee business gathered to share ideas and resulted in a successful exchange of knowledge. The event was roughly 3 hours and 15 minutes long, and SK Translate team interpreted the speakers’ conveyance either in Vietnamese or in English.

The whole conference featured a broad range of topics in the coffee industry of Vietnam, from the coffee culture and history to supply chain and exports; from new business models to sustainability and business environment.


Facing the long and numerous topics, SK Translate team has utilized rotation technique, which allowed us to guarantee the consistent quality of interpretation. The most important thing is to provide uninterrupted and comprehensive interpretation, so participants in the conference can timely comprehend and enrich the discussions, as if the event is conducted in one language. SK Translate team has proven our experience and excellence to contribute to the success of this event. Also, the communication platform provided by RMIT worked very well, which allowed SK Translate team to finish our job.


In the end, the event was a success. SK Translate felt inspired by the speakers’ knowledge and aspirations. Many appreciations we had for Dr. Abel Alonso and Dr. Ngan Nguyen of RMIT University Vietnam for their great work in conducting the event.

Again, it is an honor for SK Translate to provide support for this successful event as RMIT’s longtime partner.

During the month of August and September of 2021, SK Translate also took part in other events organized by RMIT Vietnam:

RMIT and Deloitte Roundtable: Developing Human Capital for a Post-Covid Future – Strategic Insights and Organisational Opportunities on the 25th of August.

Young Leaders Forum 2021: Towards a Sustainable Future on the 4th of September.

Next up in September, we will also participate in RMIT’s Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design.

Looking forward to the future, SK Translate is always confident and ready for new experiences.



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