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Magazine translation | Heritage Magazine – Vietnam Airlines

26 is the number of years during which the Heritage magazine has been partnering with Vietnam Airlines. It is a monthly publication introducing Vietnam’s and the world’s tourism and culture. Until now, the Heritage affirms its position as a bilingual publication to entertain passengers on each flight and help them understand more about the Vietnamese culture. And the one supporting the Heritage in carrying out such a mission has been the team of SK Translate’s translators

Heritage – The famous entertainment magazine on Vietnam Airlines flights

The duration of each flight is long enough for you to feel bored. Heritage magazines are not only a perfect means of entertainment but also a learning material for you to know more about interesting cultural traits of Vietnam and the world. The Heritage is the customers’ cultural partner along all the flights.

Entertainment publication about Vietnam’s and the world’s culture and tourism

Vietnam Airlines publishes 2 magazines monthly, which are Heritage and Heritage Fashion. While Heritage updates unique writings about tourism, culture and history of Vietnam and the world, Heritage Fashion is a magazine all about pure Vietnamese arts and fashion.

Interpretation is the key to the appeal of Heritage

The language transfer needs to be accurate and flexible at the same time. Translators need to not only translate words but also do research on the topic of each article. Especially, the use of Vietnamese words and terms must be pure and accurate. SK Translate is honored to have contributed to a publication full of traditional cultural traits of Vietnam and the world.

It would be our honor to be your partner in next projects!

Let’s take a look at some articles and photos for the Heritage translation project issued May 2020.

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