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New vision formed during ‘Consultation Workshop on the Rural Water Supply Program, Water Security Master Plan for Vietnam’ needed best-in-class language solutions


Optimizing multilingual meetings and consultations amid the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic and the peak of summer heat.

On the afternoon of June 21, 2021, the Deputy Representative of UNICEF Vietnam, and relevant individuals and organizations held a consultation meeting that will have great influence on the vision of Vietnamese authority in clean water policy for the following period.

Recently, the effects of climate change are becoming severe leading to a number of extreme weathers that impact on the water sanitation of the Vietnamese such as drought, flood, or el nino. Thus, ensuring a clean water source for people’s subsistence use manufacturing activity is getting more urgent than ever. However, the organizing of the consultation meeting encountered several obstacles.


Due to the call of limited public gatherings from the Ministry of Health and the peak of summer heat, the organizers faced many difficulties in terms of transportation and hosting.

The remote interpreting solution seemed to be the ultimate solution. However, this consultation needed to be an innovative meeting generating a number of practical ideas and suggestions, especially via face-to-face interaction. On the other hand, if the organizers combine Cabin and remote interpreting, the demands for interpreting support devices and technical installation will arise.


In order to optimize the productivity of  the consultation meeting as well as ensure the safety and convenience of the participants, Sao Khue has provided a Cabin interpreting solution combined with remote interpreting solution.

Besides, to ensure the effectiveness of technical factors, Sao Khue also proposed interpreting equipment rental solutions as well as appointed technical staff to support the setup process. Previously, Sao Khue also held a rehearsal for the organizers and representatives to practice and familiarize themselves with the supporting equipment.


With the hosting of Ms. Lesley Miller, Deputy Representative of UNICEF in Vietnam, the consultation successfully generated a series of proposals in terms of Policies, Resource mobilization, Communication and human resource development, Science and technology, Post-investment works management, Prevention of effects of natural disasters on clean water supply in rural area, International cooperation, and so on. With an open vision, the above solutions promise to bring necessary support to the Government in ensuring water supply for rural areas by 2030, towards 2045.

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