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On the 13th of October, our interpreters gathered at room 702, designated specially for remote interpreting during the last few months, to prepare for another important job. The online event “Red River, Mekong Delta, Venice Lagoon: comparing management tools” was organized by AICS Project Office in Hanoi, which collected many specialists from Italy and Vietnam in the hydraulic scientific field, the Italian Ambassador in Vietnam Mr. Antonio Alessandro, and more than 70 people in the audience interested in hearing of the subject.


Our wonderful speakers were all able to present the entirety of the discussion in English. The job of our interpreters, therefore, was to convey what was said in Vietnamese so the viewers can understand. During the whole session, our speakers showed a variety of accents and deliveries which are unconventional to English as a spoken language. Some parts of the speeches were really tough to catch. This was one of the challenges which our team was aware of, and had prepared for prior to the event.

Furthermore, throughout the meeting, the contents were rich and very scientific, with mathematical details that could not afford to missed otherwise crucial information will be at a loss to the audience. Our interpreters must be able to genuinely understand the subject, in order to present back to the users the full meaning of what was discussed. Also, Italian local names such as Brescia, Chioggia or Malamocco needed to be pronounced correctly to create no confusion among the viewers.


The Italian language is actually quite close to English in terms of vocabulary and grammar, which explains the very distinct Italian accent many natives show when speaking in English. The key is to pay attention to appreciate the flow of narrative that our Italian speakers present with, which is actually beautiful. In fact, the up-and-down rhythm of the Italian delivery actually made it easier for our two lovely interpreters to catch the stress points and the emotions which lay in the speeches.

Before the meeting started, our team had prepared the glossary of professional terms used in the field of hydrology. We also worked with our guest speakers, in order to get hold of the content which would be presented. In this way, we could be assured to give our best interpretation to the very detailed presentations, and deliver them to the audience.


The event underwent for roughly 2 hours and 10 minutes, with valuable knowledge discussed in the research of rise of sea level impacts to the Vietnam sea line, and the solutions to them. A 30-minute-long session was included in this, which served to the answering of the audience’s questions. Thanks to the organization of AICS Project Office in Hanoi, the remote event ran smoothly, which also helped our interpreters to perform at their best.

With all of the above combined, the job to interpret for this event was an impressive experience for our team. Such a contemporary and pressing modern subject as the use of hydrology in tackling climate change impacts, concerning the environment, is what SK Translate really loves to participate in given the opportunities. In the future, we SK Translate look forward to use our experience and quality in more than one occasion like this!

Thank you our dear partners!

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