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It was late August on a Saturday afternoon. Hanoi the capital city was living silently under social distancing following directive no. 16 of the government. The air of tranquility was instantly broken, however, in SK Translate working space, due to a sudden call from the vice director of Armephaco (Military Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company – a T&T Group affiliate). The issue was straightforward and surprisingly urgent, quoted the vice director: “Sao Khue please provide us a medical interpreter to the Ministry of Health, within 30 minutes…”


Our client though was in a hurry, provided us with specific requests: Interpreter should have experience in pharmaceutical and medical equipment negotiation, knowledgeable about Covid-19 vaccines. The interpreter must also bring vaccinated certification and be tested positive for Covid-19. Most importantly, within 30 minutes the interpreter must present at the Ministry of Health. This was a crucial meeting, containing confidential information and so we could not receive any prior references to prepare.

The overall situation required experience and expertise in the medical & pharmaceutical field from our interpreter, who also needed to present in a professional and indifferent fashion when supporting a governmental organization such as the Ministry of Health.


The management system for SK Translate personnels ensures that the newest information about the noted industry is updated to everyone. During the staying home period of the Covid-19 pandemic, our translation and interpretation teams were also given directions to keep healthy and to get vaccinated. Therefore, it was not so difficult for our management to deliver the most suitable interpreter to support our clients and meet their requests.

With many years of experience of working under high pressure situations, and our utmost confidence in the quality, work ethics and indifference of the interpreter team, SK Translate sent the dispatch of one interpreter as requested to facilitate the exchange of information for Armephaco and the Ministry of Health. 


Finishing the preparation process, our interpreter rushed and arrived in time for the event, supported Armephaco and the Ministry of Health in communication with the foreign vaccine supplier. With the help of our personnel, the meeting was successfully undertaken. As a result, the vice director of Armephaco sent us words of appreciation, commending us on our quick action and professionalism.

Being a leading translation agency in the medical field, SK Translate was trusted by our very important clients in this event. In the end, it was the strength of experience and quality in our staffs that SK Translate was able to deliver the job fair and square, in spite of all the difficulties in lack of preparation and traveling. 

SK Translate is honored to be your companions!

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