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November saw the busiest period of time for us since the pandemic. Not only does this signify a certain rehabilitation of the market, it provided us with an opportunity to exert ourselves and truly requiring higher standards from each link in our chain.

On the 24th of November, our interpreters performed a 4 hour job for the online forum “Smart & Sustainable Cities (SSC).” The job was in fact, not without difficulties that we had to overcome.


The increased pressure mostly came from the intensity of our schedule for this period especially. Right now, our interpreters are working hard to finish November on a high note. For months during the pandemic, the demand was much less and the jobs mostly went to our most experience personnel. It is not the same anymore. Many of our staffs needed a boost to stay in form and perform to their highest potential. Although the intense schedule might have shaken some of us, this kind of pressure could have just been what we needed.

The remote interpretation for the event “Smart & Sustainable Cities Forum” was one of our most notable jobs, in which speakers shared practices and knowledge about significant sustainability issues associated with the development of urban centers in Vietnam. The event consisted of many experts and scientists from Vietnam, Australia and many other countries. During the period of 4 hours, many aspects of technology, science and social were brought into common understanding, and discussions were extremely rich.


The process of learning is important in all fields of work. Experience is the benefactor for all of us, especially our field workers, interpreters. Working remotely is the struggle of everybody, but it also presented us with many new opportunities. Being able to work together in our office cabins brought us closer, therefore this is giving us a chance to learn from each other every day. It is also necessary to take in the factor of not having to move across towns and cities to perform our duties, which allows us more time to prepare and be somewhat more comfortable with our surroundings. Of course, our extraversion side does take a toll because of this, but as long as this does not affect our job quality, it is nothing but a minor issue.

To be fair, 4-hour-uninterrupted-long jobs such as our interpretation for this event are what we should be looking forward to in terms of work quality and consistency. It is even more desirable if one includes a wide range of aspects in the presentations and discussions. Getting exhausted from interpreting for such a long period of time is a normal thing, which all of us need to get used to. This is why a “cabin mate” is very important; who can helps releasing the pressure and takes care of the fellow “mate,” and the other way around.


The event marked one of the noticeable points in our successful November. This month has done the work of ensuring us that we are fit to get back into the normal intensity and to finish the year 2021 strongly. Thanks to our customers, we are able to pull through a difficult period of time and took off again when the time came. The most appreciation however, should be given to our interpreters. We are glad for their relentless work, excellence and dedication throughout the month of November.

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