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During the burning hot weeks of July and August, SK Translate team had been working endlessly to support our customers on a fairly tough project.

The project took SK Translate team exactly 30 days to finish and approximately more than 210,000 words were translated from English to Vietnamese. This is not the first time SK Translate has worked with an automobile corporation, hence our adequate experience in this field. However, this task had brought SK Translate team new challenges to overcome.


SK Translate was tasked with helping Subaru, a famous Japanese automobile manufacturer, in translating Car manuals and User guides for EyeSight driver assistance system. It is highly important for automobile businesses to successfully deliver their guides to the customers of their products, in an accurate, comprehensive and appealing fashion. In the past, SK had experienced working with automobile companies such as Ford, General Motors, Vinfast so our team has proved quite familiar with translating car manuals.

However, the most challenging part of this project is the presence of Subaru’s EyeSight technology. EyeSight is an intelligent AI system installed into some Subaru models, which assists the driver to potentially avoid collision situations, measures the distance from objects to the vehicle, and warns the driver when danger signs are detected. Under certain circumstances, the system will apply brake force to prevent a possible collision.

(source: Subaru Asia)

Most importantly, EyeSight system is unique to Subaru, and with this technology they expect to push their influence on the market.


Our team has sought to understand the technological aspect which is specialized in Subaru’s manuals and guides. Eventually, SK Translate has cultivated fairly reasonable translations, according to our customers. However, that is not the end of the task for us.

We look for feedbacks from Subaru’s representatives to further perfect our job. In accordance with the feedbacks, SK Translate team had conducted a check, compare, and correct process. After all, our customers always understand their profession and their wishes better than we do. That is why it is crucial for us to stay intact and work closely with our customers. In the end, SK Translate team is further assured to be ready for what lies ahead in 2021.


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