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Vinmec Hanoi, 28 February 2019

SK Translate is honored to provide interpreters at the medical training session for doctors at Vinmec Hanoi on 28 February 2019.

SK Translate – interpretation partner of Vinmec

SK Translate has been the official interpretation partner of Vinmec (Vingroup) for many years. Beforehand, in the middle of October 2018, SK Translate’s interpreters contributed to the success of the conference on Emergency and Intensive Care which took place in Da Nang.

Interpreting for internal training conference at Vinmec in February, 2019

The event took place at the beginning of this year at Vinmec hospital, Times City in Hanoi on 28 February 2019. The event discussed veins, artery and granulocytopenia fever syndrome. This is an internal training session specialized in healthcare with the foreign experts’ participation.

Healthcare is always one of the industries that appreciate human’s health the most. Doctors always have to update new trends and knowledge, and so do medical interpreters. When they’re at work, they’re not just transfering word for word but they need to express the message using their own background knowledge.

Medical interpretation is SK Translate’s growing strength

Consecutive interpretation was used in this event. Healthcare is considered a tough field for interpreters since it requires a really wide medical background knowledge. SK Translate’s interpreters at the conference, who are now working in the healthcare industry and were selected from a big number of applicants, ensured the highest quality interpretation service that we provide to our Client.

SK Translate can affirm that healthcare is one of our great strengths as we have been trusted to work on many medical interpretation missions.

Specifically, there are events below:

At the end of December 2018, we became the interpreting partner for “Medical conference: Guidance on the prevention of antibiotic resistance.”

At the beginning of January 2019, SK Translate provided interpreters for the event “Digitized technology in healthcare.”

It would be SK Translate’s honor to be chosen as our Client’s partner in next projects!

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