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Energy industry in translation

As the world is changing constantly nowadays, translation becomes much more demanding in any field of its involvement especially the energy sector. The globally-scaled business with complex technical jargon and references, however, is highly promising for any translator who successfully deals with these challenges.

The following lists out several difficulties of energy translation which you may need to prepare for yourself as a professional in this challenging industry.

1. Timeline requirements:
The energy industry as a whole is extremely time sensitive, in which, under no circumstances are the translators allowed to miss the deadlines. To explain, the timeline is closely linked to the financial benefits. In oil and gas exploitation, for instance, having an idle rig for one day alone can cost an oil company $650,000 dollars for this intermittent production.

2. The translating regulations.
Nations around the world have their own standards that require people to follow. The energy sector in a country is the same. Russia to exemplify is very strict on offshore oil production and has introduced new regulations on foreign investment into the sector. A professional translation will need to ensure their awareness of these new changes and produce the translation in compliance with them. This is a must, otherwise, their products will be rejected out of the translation industry.

3. The Project Specific Multilingual Communication
The energy industry is witnessing an increase in the number of international projects with investment from more than 2 countries. Even though it is internationally operated, it still has to be’ Project Specific Multilingual Communication’, which means they are written using the same terminologies regardless of how many languages are involved. Therefore, a localization industry is needed in this case.

4. Industry-specific vocabulary
An important part of any industry is the terminologies which the translator should teach themselves to outstand other individuals. “Pressure Setting Assembly, Gunk squeeze, Sour Corrosion, Gas Cut mud, Pipe ram preventer” are just a few examples of energy terminologies, but not many translators know what their actual meanings are in their target language unless they have industry-specific knowledge. Therefore, extensive knowledge becomes virtually needed.

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