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Imagine A World Without Translation?

World without translation


Translation appears in almost every aspect of the world that you may have not noticed before. Have you ever imagined a world without translation? SK Translate will show you the big picture of the world without translation.


The world would be “duller”

Without translation, you have to gain a knowledge of foreign languages so that you can reach and understand news or entertaining products. Could you live in a world without foreign information or without subtitles and voiceover for your favorite movies/TV series? 

What’s more, you may have difficulties traveling abroad for the lack of information. Without localization, you cannot read the travel guidebook in your native language. Your little knowledge about the countries and their languages may make things vague. 


The world would be “poorer”

Translation has oiled the wheels of human interaction and helped civilisations evolve for thousands of years. Many people tend to compare information about products before buying. They will find this progress harder if the information is written in another language, which leads them not to buy the products of these brands. Research has shown that 75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language. And 60% rarely or never buy from English-only websites. 

But it doesn’t stop there: in a world without translation, cross-border trade would become more complicated, requiring as it does translated versions of contracts, forms, instructions, etc.. Translation enables economic interaction across borders – from marketing and sales to political and scientific cooperation, helping investors make informed decisions, enforcing legal rights and obligations, etc. 


The world would be more “unequal”

With translation, people from other countries all over the world may have a more equal chance to access information. Especially in the pandemic, the equal chance to receive information becomes unprecedentedly important.

People may take translation for granted because it is a “back-office” progress, but once you notice, you may realize many other examples of translation in our world like: keeping us healthy by avoiding potential allergens in food/chemicals/medicines, all listed in the ingredients/composition, helping us avoid danger, through clear emergency communication and warning signs, etc.

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