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Starting from a small promising translation agency ten years ago, Sao Khue has gone through major transformations, establishing itself as one of the top tier translation agency in Vietnam, and even in the Southeast Asia region in the future.

Building a sustainable tradition

The success story of Sao Khue is still being written by the profounding collective effort of all the people associated. However, one person stands out, not above all, but remaining true to his humble charismatic way, is Mr. Nguyen Dang Khue, professor, founder & current chairman of Sao Khue. Always energetic but thoughtful and delicate, Mr. Khue is the embodiment of “Sao Khue leadership,” a hidden value that is being passed on to generations of employees working alongside him.

The 10th birthday of Sao Khue also marks a memorable milestone for Mr. Nguyen Dang Khue: celebrating his 25 years of work in the field of translation & interpretation. Starting as a university professor in 1997, Mr. Khue also caught on to the linguistic industry since then. Because of that, his ability to convey knowledge and passion has always been a “secret weapon” in managing his organization. “It is a necessary to bring the ideology of education into business” Mr. Khue claimed in an interview with Cafebiz, “– always be enthusiastic, inspiring, using all resources, leading and empowering to bring learners – doers to the good and constantly improving to become better, more useful for society.”

With the same passion, in 2015 Mr. Khue established Sao Khue Talent Academy, training and creating a community of competent language enthusiasts in Vietnam, nurturing a wilder dream, like he once admitted on newspaper: “I am intending and step-by-step planning, implementing the development of a professional, university-level translation & interpretation environment in Vietnam, the first ever, reaching international heights.” Until now, Sao Khue Talent Academy has become the leading and largest private translation & interpretation training unit in the country in terms of scale, organizational model and career orientation.

The modest nature of Mr. Khue is on the other hand, not without considerations. Even as early as the starting point of the nowadays Sao Khue, he has aimed for building a strong organization tradition, underlining long-term values. With the main target of becoming the leading translation & interpretation solution provider in Southeast Asia, Mr. Khue wants to have making positive values to the society as the foremost mission of the company. Sao Khue therefore cultivates development through providing premium quality services to customers, and creating a community of employees that share positive energy and carry high professional ethics. It is the very spread of Sao Khue’s culture and contributions to the society that will provide a sustainable, resilient base for further future operations.

Until now, Sao Khue has expanded internationally, established itself in many fields of business, mostly in professional global business services providing. Beside from SK Translate and Sao Khue Talent Academy, the organization had introduced a number of brands including SK Consult, Transcreatio Vietnam, SK Nutrition… Remarkably, the organization had made its major move towards globalization by giving birth to SK America LLC, asserting Sao Khue’s operational purpose in the U.S.

A stepping stone for the future

The success of Sao Khue is the culmination of a dedicated community of staffs combining experience with young energy, business professionalism and expertise. The Sao Khue quality has been proven through thousands of projects for the likes of UNICEF, PwC, RMIT, Vietnam Airlines… while the conscientiousness of our staffs is what brings the customers back again. This is the result of 10 years of implementing Sao Khue’s core values, leading the organization towards sustainable and successful development: Dedication – Understanding – Expertise. Alongside with quality and professional ethics, on a deeper level, Sao Khue understands the meaningful side of customer services. As a chain of service providers, Sao Khue must capture the needs of customers and work with them as a friend, a partner in business to achieve maximum outcomes. That is the reason why clients choose Sao Khue to give their confidence in, with delightful expectations.

Sao Khue does not only benefit from a set of excellent and professional staffs. Inside the organization exists a strong culture, where people work and live together as a tight bonding community. This creates a necessary basis for learning and growing for younger employees, and for the older, experienced staffs to pass on their knowledge and leadership. As per the company’s mission statement, from the very first day, Sao Khue strives to create a community where everyone has the opportunity to explore and unleash their full potential. In here is community that recognizes the values of individuals, therefore nurtures people to where they help building the community. It is the culture of Sao Khue that never changes. In the long-term future, excellent quality in customer services and spreading positive energy is what is required of and embedded in every personnel that had spent a part of their life in the community of Sao Khue.

Happy 10th year anniversary Sao Khue! Stick with us until the next one. By the way, be readily in giving us advice on how we can do our job better. It is your thoughtful opinion that is making us better every day!

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