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Business can be brutally straightforward in some ways; customers pay for what they want, and providers meet their expectations. It is completely natural that customers always want the best option for them: lowest price possible with best quality available. Most of the time, they do not care how it is done; the result is the pioneering measurement for the operations. On the opposite, service providers look to raise the price as high as possible, with minimum requirements. Service providers wanting to get profit from their customers therefore, always live on a line where conflicts with customers could be boiling down under. It is dangerous to take it this way when running a business, obviously; in the end, we are all humans, we were born to interact with each other in a mutual-understanding fashion.

Comprehending this, almost every business in the world set a value for customer interaction. There are standards made in companies as a guide to communicating with customers. However, conflicts still exist, of course, and they mostly come down to the basic factors: price and quality. The main question is still: how do we make our customers satisfied with the provided services, at a specific price? Obviously there is no talking them into that. Customers care about the end result above all, isn’t it right?

So from here, we will discuss a few things that could help you not only to make your services better through customer interaction, but also to instill a deserving, trusting customer relationship that all service providers need:

  1. Working conscientiously

It is much easier to try and meet the requirements for a job, than to actively put your dignity into work. We all want to have more free time, putting in enough effort to gain the reward and that’s done! Well, that is in fact the easy-lazy way, to work passively. First thing, we don’t learn much when we are working passively. That is not what our brains are designed to do; if the work is taken in a passive way, it is understood in our brain that we don’t want to do this. Our mind would only focus on the prize ahead, instead of the undone work, and that’s when everything starts to go down. And then we would have the second problem: we don’t even do a good job either! Working passively, checking done for the requirements, is only to leave a product with many flaws inside, especially in service providing. We don’t want our customers accepting a work which meets the listed requirements, but leaves them scratching their heads in unsure or vague disappointment. That is a terrible thing to face. So, be happy, be conscientious with your work.

  1. Customer team-working

Communication is important. It is the basis of human interaction. In life, we communicate with each other to better understand the person before us; it is the exact same thing when it comes to business. When providing services, we communicate with our customers to know what they require from us, but that only is not good enough. If it is possible, we should want to know how our work is fitting into their bigger picture. What is the customer’s ultimate target? Are they taking the right step towards it by seeking to us? How can we make it even better?

Listen to what the customers have to say, and realize their needs. The more information they give the better; all the while remain our professional and neutral attitude. There is no redemption for a flawed final product; however it is entirely possible to ask for feedback from our customers before the finalization. For real-time jobs such as interpretation, it is highly recommended that we work with our customers beforehand to ensure the best performance possible provided. In that way, we don’t fault our customers; they are happy to help us do the work, because a good outcome in the end is most important to them.

  1. Human-to-human interaction

Customers like to be understood, likewise to how our partners want to feel towards us. We have discussed fitting in our customers’ bigger picture in the last section. Every company or organization has a journey. Staying relative to our customers’ long-term perspective is something every service provider should desire. Just like a friend-partner on the road, we should offer them more than just help when needed with remuneration.

Genuine interaction is good step towards trust. It is even better if we take the initiative on that; it shows that they can also be clear about what they want to achieve with us. With enough trust, both sides can start to build up mutual-understanding. It is, however, not easy at all as it might seem to establish something like that. Once there is trust and there is mutual-understanding, the possibility of further co-operation is very high. That is surely what we would want, for our customer to come back in the future, right? Well, the most important thing is though, just an opinion: it feels great working with someone you trust!

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