Interpreters are bridging people from different countries, with different languages so that they can easily communicate and well understand each other. A good interpreter does not only convey linguistic meaning in a normal basis like machine but also keeps the expressive tone of the speaker and the implication of each sentence.

Modes of interpreting services

Interpreting deals exclusively with oral communication: rendering a message from one language into another, naturally and fluently, adopting the delivery, tone and convictions of the speaker and speaking in the first person. The job of an interpreter is to enable people to communicate with each other, not by translating every word they utter, but by conveying the ideas which they express. There are different kinds of interpreting:

Interpreting while the delegate is speaking.

It is the highest level of interpreting and a real challenge to any interpreter. This service is called simultaneous interpreting because the spoken translation takes place simultaneously with the speakers/presenters’ speaking.

This service is also widely known as cabin interpreting as interpreters wear headphones and sit in a separate cabin. Cabins have noise insulation when interpreters use microphones to speak at the same time with speakers.

Cabin interpreting service is the highest level of difficulty, so its price is often higher than that of other interpreting services.

Interpreting between two languages via a third.

When a delegate speaks in a language not covered by an interpreter in an active language booth, this booth can “connect” (audio link) to another booth that does cover this language and “take the relay” of that. The interpreter works via another language without a perceptible loss of quality.

Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting.

It is often used in negotiations, commercial businesses, telephone interpreting or interviews, field trips. Interpreters are required to focus on listening and then whispering the translation to audience. This type is normally applied for 1 or up to 3 listeners.

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