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As today’s digital world grows bigger and bigger, data security breaches are becoming even more commonplace and are seen as one of the top risks of any business.
Therefore, data security is something that all businesses, in all industries, is considered as a priority and the translation industry is no exception. Because the translation process uses data of client information and the top-secret internal documents that need translating, data security is becoming more crucial, making sure a data security breach does not happen.

Threat of data security breach: The third party – Translation provider
For businesses that require translation, there is an even greater threat of a data security breach as data is being sent to a third party: the language service provider. The reason is that they hold a big enough amount of client information data for a long time with poor quality data security and usage of online machine translation tools.

The dark side of Google Translate
Online machine translation tools can seem appealing to businesses who are wanting to minimize costs. However, most businesses are unaware of the risks associated with using these online tools. According to Google’s report, over 200 million active users access their translation tool monthly, but what happens to the data that these 200 million users are putting into Google Translate?
Most businesses using Google Translate don’t realize they are giving Google control over their company’s data, when people use Google Translate they are agreeing to Google terms, which allows them to use, host, store, publicly display, and distribute any content that is submitted into their engine.

How to choose a reliable translation provider?
There are several things that businesses should consider when choosing a translation provider; including the quality, cost, turnaround time, and the reliability of that provider. It is viral for businesses to know that they can trust the third party who they will be sending their documents to and be reassured that their data will be secure. The provider who has an absolute data security commitment not to outsource the documents to freelancers or other companies they work with are the best choice.

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