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Vietnam’s VinFast reports customer posting ‘untrue’ complaints on YouTube to the Police

Vietnamese largest car provider, VinFast, reported one of its customers to the police over his unfaithful comments on Youtube about the quality of the car ( Reuters, May 4).

To begin with, a Youtuber named Tran Van Hoang posted a video about VinFast Lux A2.0 with untrue content. In the video, Mr. Hoang pretended to show his pride in owning a VinFast car. However, most of the video was only reluctantly highlighting problems. Those negative information can ruin the reputation of VinFast. 

The company then took action right away. They corrected all the wrong information in the video to the public immediately. 

“Although Mr. Tran Van Hoang proactively removed those clips, we saved all the evidence and have sent our complaints to the police. The police have received our submission and have scheduled a time to work with Mr. Hoang” said Vin’s speaker.

“We have sufficient grounds to prove that it is not just a normal complaint.”, he added. The police are now in the process of investigation.

Established in 2018, VinFast took a bold step forward by building an automotive industry from scratch – a monumental challenge in a country that traditionally moves on two wheels.  Within a span of 21 months, Vinfast had completed a self-contained automotive factory which is half the time typically needed for a development of that size. Now it planned to spread out market globally, especially to the United States next year. 

In fact, VinFast founded a unique strategy to craft the perfect car for the Vietnamese people which is “standing on the shoulders of the giants”. They selected the best in the world to create their own car: style from Pininfarina of Italy, engineering from Magna Steyr of Austria, etc. This process only can be operated smoothly when the language barrier is eliminated completely by professional Language Service Providers. Sao Khue proudly takes the responsibility to accompany VinFast on the journey of making Vietnamese car dreams realized.

Nguồn: Reuters

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