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Voiceover and Dubbing – What to choose?

Promotional videos with voiceover and dubbing in movies are surely familiar to us. Despite being familiar, not many of us pay attention to the difference between these two forms. Let SK Translate show you the differences of two forms to get the most appropriate choice for your products!

Voiceover and Dubbing

The benefits of voiceover and dubbing

  • Instead of subtitles that are difficult to follow, dubbed videos can increase the viewer’s focus
  • Increase the audience’s interest in the product
  • Help the visually impaired to access video products
  • Help improve vocabulary, improve the intonation/accent of the viewer

What is Voiceover?

Voiceover is one step in the editing process of a video or a whole movie. This process is usually done by one person for the entire video.

Voiceover of the narrator will be played in parallel or about 2-3 seconds slower than the character’s dialogue. In the video, the main character’s lines (original lines) will be reduced in volume for clearer narration.

What is Dubbing?

Dubbing is the process of adding new dialogues or sounds into the audio of a pre-recorded video. Dubbing is time-consuming and quite complicated. It requires the work of a team of voice actors so that the dubbing can be as emotional and natural as the original lines.

Editors will have to try to synchronize the speakers’ lip-sync and speech in the video. When dubbing, the original dialogue will be cut off completely.

Difference between Voiceover and Dubbing

Voiceover is usually done by one’s voice. Meanwhile, Dubbing needs to be performed by a team of voice actors.

Voiceover doesn’t need to be synchronized with the characters’ speech, tone and emotions are often less conveyed. On the contrary, Dubbing requires actors to adjust their voice so that they can truly and naturally express the character’s emotions.

In the dubbed movie, the original lines are completely replaced by the dubbing lines. Meanwhile, with Voiceover, the original line is only reduced in volume so that viewers can focus on the voiceover.

Voiceover or Dubbing?

The two forms both have their own advantages, we should choose the form that is suitable for the purpose of the video.

Voiceover is commonly used in business training material videos or marketing videos. In addition, this form is also suitable for films from countries with multi-syllable languages ​​such as Western countries or Korea, Japan; as well as documentaries and news.

Dubbing is often used in movies to best express the emotions and feelings of the characters in the film.

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