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The technology industry is ever changing nowadays. The spread IT and internet penetrating in all aspects of our lives has never stopped since the start of the new century. This powerful trend has found its way into the businesses of the world. Financial & banking, for a matter of fact, could not be excluded from absorbing the new changes; and thus, eventually giving birth to a new term that is becoming more and more widespread nowadays, Fintech.

  1. What is Fintech exactly?

Fintech is a combined word, derived from Finance and Technology. It can be simply understood as applying creative intelligence technology in providing financial services. However, this term is only true when an IT institution provides financial tools, not the other way around.

Fintech is widely applied today in business that use internet frequently, smartphones, cloud computing and of course online wallet applications.

  1. Why is Fintech translation and important trend?

In recent years, the vacancy in the presence of Fintech in Vietnam has been filled by a series of new mobile wallet apps such as Momo, OnePay, ZaloPay, ViettelPay… These have pioneered a major shift in the purchasing habit of young Vietnamese, and has become of daily use for many people.

However, Fintech businesses in Vietnam are still very much depended on foreign investments. The Fintech industry in Vietnam profitable and still has huge development potential; therefore foreign investors are willing to look for Vietnamese partners in business in order to participate. As Fintech is attracting more and more attention, Vietnamese organizations and foreign experts in the industries of technology & finance are more often exchanging knowledge through various forms, usually through meetings and conferences.

From all the above facts thus arising the demand for translation services. Knowing the new situation in the market, Vietnamese agencies such as SK Translate will need to strive to adapt and lead the trend.


SK Translate understands the abundance of energy in the developing market of Fintech. As potentially profitable as it is, this market is also full of high expectations and we plan to meet them. Providing services for foreign investors is of nothing unusual to SK Translate; in fact, we have been doing it for almost 20 years, longer than any other translation agencies in Vietnam. In all those years, SK Translate has provided translation services for the likes of IBM, Deloitte, Standard Chartered, ANZ… and received positive feedbacks.

SK Translate’s interpreters are excellent and flexible, which allowed us to provide interpretation services for meetings and conferences from international scale to medium businesses scale, for all topics including medical, energy, education, commercial, finance, banking, real estate and many more. With such capability, SK Translate is ready for new situations in the market and expects to deliver high quality in every job.

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