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Annually, the International Women’s Day on March 8 comes as a special occasion to celebrate the extraordinary contributions made by women across the world throughout history. And faithfully, we would like to dedicate this article to females who work as Translators in the field of Interpreting.

     1. Women throughout the History of Translation 

Until the early 20th century in Translation, only a few jobs were named for women due to the gender imbalance. Particularly, an English female translator could only be allowed to translate religious documents with their names unpublished. However, the later 20th century witnessed the massive participation of women in the field of work internationally. As a result of the World Wars, men are required to join the battlefield and no one else, the women took on skilled jobs including translation to aid the war effort. Consequently, the number of female professionals in Translation increased sharply and on towards, their remarkable dedication to the industry was well noticed.

       2. Women in the Modern Translation Industry

The important role of women has greatly demonstrated itself  not only in other fields but also in the Translation Industry. Nowadays, it is one of a few professions which sees a higher percentage of women translators than men. Wolfestone’s database showed that 57% of providers in the industry are female while that for male is 43%. The European Union published another study that concluded 65% women majoring in translation and interpreting, and female translators accounting for 67% of employees in European institutions.  In the Translation service industry, women and men are offered an equal payment for the majority of circumstances.


     3. Thought of a male translator

When asked about the role of women, a male translator shared with us a story of his sister working as a freelancer for different translation agencies. “She is brilliant, tolerant and independent. Becoming a translator has made her who the woman she is today – a woman that is not afraid, that has her own thoughts and words. For sure, despite having to  take the world by storm, she can handle well and make it better. She feels proud to be a woman in translation and to have studied this wonderful vocation, and me too!! So proud of her” -he said. 


His story reminded us of all what women have done to beautify the industry of Translation and interpreting over the last century. And today, as a sincere thank to female translators, we would kindly show our respect and gratitude to women all over the world and in Translation specifically.

Source: Wolfestone

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