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Event Hosting – Remote/Simultaneous Interpreting: Conference about Air Quality and Emission Standard

From June 24 to 25, Clean Air Asia and Vietnam Clean Air Partnership (VCAP) hosted “Capacity Building Workshop on CFP standards/regulations and enforcement” and “Capacity Building Workshop on Air Quality Management of Coal-Fired Power Sector and Enforcement of CFP standards/regulations”.

SK Translate hosted the events which took place at SK Translate’s building. We provided tele-conference solutions and language solutions (simultaneous and remote interpreting) to connect workshops’ speakers and attendees from many countries such as Vietnam, The United States of America, and Philippines, etc.

The workshops were interesting and brought about much new information. Although the workshops were hosted remotely, they were conducted smoothly.

It’s our pleasure to contribute to our Clients’ success. We hope to be your companion in the upcoming projects!

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