Multimedia Solutions

SK Translate is proud of being a leader in the industry of translation and interpreting in Vietnam and a partner in many global-wide translation and interpreting projects. In addition to two main services, namely translation and interpreting, SK Translate also participates in projects of dubbing, voice-over, subtitling for video, film, television commercials, and so on. Our qualified teams of video translation, dubbing, voice-over and subtitling certainly meet all clients’ demands.

Subtitling Services

No matter what field you work in, using subtitles in your videos will make it easier for as many people as possible to understand them and will help you reach your international audience.

At SK Translate, we offer fast, detailed and reliable subtitling services in many languages and multiple formats. We can deliver your subtitle files in various languages with or without timecodes or we can embed the subtitles in your videos.

Our team makes sure your subtitles are perfectly cohesive and regulates timecodes and audio descriptions in all existing alphabets, as well as languages that use special characters like Chinese and Korean.

Voice-over and Dubbing Services

Voice-over and dubbing are parts of post-production of film-making that add one or several persons’ voice recordings to dialogues of the videos. Customers have various selection of voices and languages. It takes many steps and a professional team to make a perfect translation for a video.

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