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Maldonado named Women in Localization president

The newly appointed president, Cecilia Maldonado started her one-year term at Women in Localization on January 12, 2021. 

Established in 2008, Women in Localization offers nonprofit projects on networking, education, career advancement, mentoring, and the recognition of women’s abilities. It aims at the advancement of women’s communities globally. Membership is free and also, men are invited to join. Officers at Women and Localization are selected through a succession committee, which decides a candidate list based on the yearly goal of the group given by board members. After the interview, candidates of the final list are presented to the board for the final selection. Afterward, Maldonado, who used to work as vice-president in 2020 was appointed to serve as president for the upcoming year during the board’s last voting session.

In a response, Maldonado showed sheer excitement about her new role at [Women in Localization] and believed  2021 will be a year of restructuring and reorganizing the organization to achieve more enduring successes. Finally, the new president called for the step-up of all projects to get ready for upcoming challenges and promising opportunities. 

Maldonado is the co-founder of both Translated in Argentina, an industry association, and Think Latin America, a popular conference which later became part of the Globalization and Localization Association’s Think! series. She also voluntarily works for the Association of Language Companies in the US. Thanks to the consistent dedication, Maldonado has gained her reputation and much respect in localization, which makes her become the President of Women in Localization. 

As professionals in Translation and Interpreting, we thoughtfully understand Localization requires flawlessness and meticulously, and therefore, is highly recommended for female translators who obtain such personalities. Women have gained a strong foothold in almost every field of the world including translation and interpretation over the last decade, and certainly, there will be more success and contribution made by them.


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