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Recap: Celebrating Sao Khue turning 10 years old

“25 years of nurturing passion, 10 years of Sao Khue’s achievements”

On the afternoon of March 25th, the celebration of Sao Khue turning 10 years old was successfully held on the 9th floor, Talico building with the participation of staff, Board of Directors, and close partners who have been along with the company through its 10-year journey.

The staff of the Sao Khue family

This anniversary is an important milestone for our SK-er to look back and appreciate all the efforts and hard work that we have come through.

The event lasted 5 hours and was divided into 2 parts: the Ceremony and the Banquet, with enthusiastic sharing from the staff and the Board of Directors – the captains who lead the team Sao Khue.

  • Mr. Nguyen Dang Khue – Founder of SKG International
  • Mrs. Huong Phung – Executive Director of SK Translate
  • Mrs. Nga Nguyen – Legal Representative Director of SKG International

After musical performances, Sao Khue’s 10th Anniversary event officially began with the sharing of the Founder – Mr. Nguyen Dang Khue about the company’s orientation and journey over the past 10 years.

Chairman Nguyen Dang Khue shared about the journey and orientation of the past 10 years

“Individual achievements are great and it will be even more wonderful when such achievements make an important contribution to the greater success of a group that we love. Marathon is a popular sport, associated with honoring individual efforts and achievements. While football is called “king sport” with a collective spirit that attracts billions of people to watch a match where they focus not only on the tactics but also cohesion and coordination of various outstanding individuals.”

Following the Founder’s profound speech, the event continued with a video recording remarkable numbers and milestones of Sao Khue on the journey of “connecting knowledge, culture, and people” and emotional sharing from SK-ers who have stuck together to overcome difficulties and hardships to conquer those impressive numbers.

Cutting cake to celebrate Sao Khue 10 years old

The event went on with a game to test the understanding of SK-ers about Sao Khue, and the awarding of meaningful gratitude gifts to the Board of Directors and staff of the company. The Ceremony of the event “Sao Khue turned 10” officially ended with extremely warm collective images to celebrate once again.

“Thank you to Sao Khue “football” team for being reliable support for all success and development of the company, so that today Sao Khue team can happily welcome the age of 10 together. We have built a proud tradition, creating a solid foundation for the next journey with a team of talented, committed, and above all passionate individuals with integrity. Be confident in yourself, believe that a close, passionate and ambitious SKG team will do great and positive things for each SKer family, community, society, and the world.

Let’s conquer the next 10 years together, Sao Khue.

Together, we will definitely succeed and be happy.”

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