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United Nation and Remote Work

Remote work comes as a solution for the Language Service Industry while the Covid-19 restricts most activities of any other businesses.

Recently, the lockdown limited the in-house activities at Headquarters and other UN premises. As a result, the translation departments of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) transitioned to remote work, which enables them to deliver high-quality translations on time despite several difficulties.

In an effort to get familiarized with online working, text-processors implemented a fully electronic workflow and reorganized all the translation services. Moreover,  UN translators also adopted many technical assistant tools, namely eLUNa, UNTERM, The SPOT, or gText.


Therefore, an important role of distant working is undeniably noticed as it could deal with recruitment, training, and learning. Notably, the World Health Organization joined as the latest member of the United Nations which uses eLUNA and UNTERM as their translation and terminology solutions.

To brief, remote work brings both valuable opportunities and challenges to translators who always prioritize qualified translation. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that remote translation will be a prominent and essential factor to revitalize other economic sectors in the future.

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